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We have prepared checklists to assist our clients in compiling data for the preparation of:

1. Personal Income Tax Returns
2. Bookkeeping & update of financial statements

The following are articles on topics of interest and excerpts from Anne's book "Planning your Financial Future". Click the titles of each to view the entire article.


Eldercare or CA PrimePlus Services is a customizable range of financial management services for elderly or disabled persons. Articles in this section highlight various tax deductions and credits that may be applicable to elderly or disabled persons and their families. CA PrimePlus Services is a registered trademark of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.

A dollar is not a dollar

March and April are the months in the year when all sorts of tax slips are arriving the mail, and the income tax filing deadline of April 30th begins to weigh on us all. I sometimes get anxious phone calls from clients who want to file their income tax returns as soon as possible. From a tax preparation perspective, we concentrate on the tax slips that clients provide for their return that is to be filed.

Can you afford to send your children to college? RESPs vs. Trusts

According to Statistics Canada, the cost of university tuition in Canada increased by 152% between the years 1985 and 1995.
If you have a youngster who is contemplating university, tuition, rent, books and food could cost over $9000 per year for 1998-99.

How to make more money

Everyone wants to make more money--it's not what you make, but what you keep!
If you feel that money is always tight, read on and see if you are focusing on what is important.

Is money running your life?

When the alarm clock gives you your wakeup call, and you get ready for yet another hectic day in your life, do you sometimes feel that money is running your life?

Will that be debit or credit?

It used to be " will that be cash or on your credit card" when you go through the cashier. With the introduction of debit cards, more and more Canadians are discovering the convenience of using the debit card. Should you use a debit or credit card?