Checklist for preparation of tax return
Compiled by Anne Chun, CA, C.F.P. (416) 499-5050


A. General - for everyone

1. Name of self and spouse, each child (as on SIN card)
2. SIN # for self and spouse
3. Address
4. Birthday for self, spouse and children
5. Last year's tax return
6. Notice of Assessment for last year's return
7. Date of Entry to Canada - if new immigrant
8. Realty/Property taxes for residence
9. Current year prepaid tax instalment - Revenue Canada Statement

B. If Employed (self or spouse)

1. Name of Employer
2. T-4 Employment income
3. If Commission Salesman - signed Form T2200 (signed by Employer). Employer should have form.

If Self-employed (self or spouse)

1. Balance Sheet & Income Statement of Business or Information for us to compile

C. Other Data (if applicable)

1. T-5 & T-3: - Interest income (from banks)
   - Dividend and interest, capital gains/distribution from Stocks or mutual funds
2. RRSP receipts
3. Medical receipts (for self, spouse, or children)
  - Prescriptions (if not reimbursed by employer)
  - Dental Bills
  - Glasses/Contact lenses
  - Chiropractor/massage therapist
4. Charitable Donations receipts
5. Tuition fee receipts - official receipts for courses > $100
6. Student loan interest (deductible from 1998)
6. Child Care Expenses - Day Care centre receipt, or
  - Babysitting at home
  * Babysitter's name
  * Address
  * SIN #
  * amount paid in year for babysitting
7. Safety Deposit Box receipt
8. Investment Counsel/Management fee
9. Tax shelter information (this may not be available until March)

D. Rental Property (for each property - the following is required)

1. Address of Property
2. Names and SIN # of owners & their percentage ownership
3. Rental Income
4. Rental Expenses total by the following category:

a) Property Taxes
b) Repair & Maintenance
c) Mortgage interest - 1st, 2nd mortgages
d) Insurance
e) Light, heat and water
f) Advertising fees for tenants
g) Condo or Maintenance fee

5. If newly purchased, cost + lawyer's fee + Land transfer tax, date of purchase

E. Disposition of Shares

1. No. of shares, Name of shares, Class (e.g. common/preferred)
2. Year of purchase
3. Disposal price
4. Original Cost (+ Commission included)
5. Selling Commission
6. If you made a Capital Gains Election on your 1994 return, please give us a complete copy of your 1994 tax return.