Fee Structure

As a service business, we strive to provide clients with value for their dollar. For new and prospective clients, it is important that our fee structure is mutually agreed upon before we commence our business relationship. An engagement letter will be sent to the new client and a copy is requested to be signed back., with a retainer fee. For ongoing relationships, we provide a quotation on an annual basis, or when the scope of work has changed. We will always work with the clients' budget and cash flow and ensure that the client receives good value.

1. For corporate income tax, bookkeeping, financial statements and Eldercare/Prime Plus services, a quote will be given to cover work to be done for the entire fiscal year. A retainer is requested and payable before work is commenced, a second installment of the annual quote is payable midyear, and the balance due on completion of work at the end of the year.

2. For Tax, financial planning and business consultations, charges are based on an hourly rate (subject to change) unless this was part of a package of services for which an annual retainer has been arranged (see item 1 above). One-half of the estimated costs will be invoiced before work commences, and the balance invoiced on completion.

3. For Personal Income Tax Preparation, a quote will be given based on the volume and complexity of work. Clients are invoiced on completion of the tax return.